25 Jan 2016

How your Church can benefit from being “Wild” (Wild game Lessons)




Chris Wells has been the keynote speaker at over 850 Wild Game Banquets and Men’s Ministry events all over the country.


Wild Game Events and Sportsmen’s Banquets continue to be some of the most popular ways to reach a population of Men that would never otherwise darken the doors of a Church event. However unless there is some intentionality to the event, it can become just another church function to attend in a long list of also-rans.

Here are just a few of the many valuable lessons I’ve discovered.


  • Having a Wild Game or Sportsman’s Banquet does not equal an entire “Men’s Ministry”. Too many churches today think because they have a banquet, they are doing “Men’s” Ministry. Certainly these events can be used as an effective “part” of a Ministry to Men. Using them as an outreach tool or a jumpstart can be an outstanding way to create momentum, but an effective Men’s Ministry meets a much deeper niche. It meets man where he is, walks him to discover the ministry purpose God has for his life, and gives him the opportunity to accomplish that purpose.


  • Learn the value of having Men grouped in interest groups rather than age groups. For years the Church has grouped its members by age groups. If being a sportsman has taught me anything it is that interests transcend age. My father in law is 69. His hunting partner is 84! Last year they went to North Dakota to pheasant hunt. Why? Well it wasn’t because of their ages, it’s because of their interests. They both love to watch dogs, shoot birds, and walk! Our small groups will be more effective by interests rather than age groups.


  • Stop worrying about getting men to Church, and start worrying about getting them in the “Church “. We seem to have an obsession to get Men to walk into our buildings. A number of years back I was a staff member at a church that has a growing congregation, and a greatly successful Sportsman’s Banquet. We had it at a local armory, and it grew each year until one year it was decided that in order to get people to see our new building, we would have it at Church. The following years the event declined, and has ceased to exist. There is no Ecumenical Council that states a Church has to have its Sunday school or Small groups meet AT THE CHURCH! There just isn’t. The Church is a group of believers, not a building. If your Men’s group wants to meet at the deer stand and call it Sunday school. Do it.
  • Chris Wells is a full time speaker and Chaplain for the BASS Elite series (FOCAS) group. For more information on how to book him for your event, go to: www.chriswells.org

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